The HYPR-3 biometric U2F token is a bluetooth fingerprint scanner engineered for maximum security. A thin form factor combines sleek design with the power of FIPS 140-2 Level 3 tamper proofing and enterprise-grade security. HYPR-3 is the world’s first fully interoperable biometric key, designed for the Internet of Things with built-in support for FIDO U2F authentication and biometric one time passwords (BOTP).

Biometric Security

HYPR-3 biometric keys feature support for FIDO U2F and TOTP. To maintain full interoperability, the HYPR-3 comes with a FIDO U2F Authentication Server deployed on cloud or on-premise. By adding the use of a strong 2nd factor on top of a password based login, HYPR-3 allows you to deploy a fully interoperable biometric key designed for IoT authentication.

Biometric Security

What is HYPR?

HYPR provides enterprises an end-to-end solution for deploying biometric authentication securely across millions of users. Our software is integrated into employee and customer-facing applications to deliver secure password-less experiences across all mobile, desktop and IoT systems. HYPR biometric security supports all authenticators including voice, face, eye, palm, fingerprint and many more.

Eliminate Passwords and Save Millions