HYPR-Secure IoT Devices

Firmware is software connected directly to a piece of hardware, whether that’s a keyboard, door lock, drone, or other connected device. Secure firmware is the foundation upon which a secure Internet of Things can exist. By extending decentralized biometric authentication down to the firmware level, HYPR securely transforms smart things into biometric things.

This is the future of biometric IoT security.

Simplify Firmware Security with Open Standards

By leveraging advanced FIDO security and chip architectures such as ARM TrustZone, HYPR ensures that biometric templates are never stored in a centralized database. Our decentralized solution is designed for IoT authentication, and allows users to access connected devices without requiring internet connectivity.

By deploying decentralized tokenization across IoT nodes, HYPR’s biometric firmware enables end-to-end security between users and their connected devices.

Biometric Trustzone