Key-less Biometric Cars Have Arrived

Connected cars have the potential to make the world cleaner, safer, and faster. Commutes will be better planned, collisions will be reduced, people will have time freed up to do more.

As with most of the technology for the IoT, smart cars are being developed with convenience and productivity in mind, but security is not keeping up. Automobile companies do not have the same level of security awareness as banks or tech companies.

HYPR is the leading provider of biometric IoT security for connected cars. We’re making it possible for drivers to access vehicles with fingerprint, face, voice, eye and even palm recognition.

Biometric Vehicle Access

HYPR IoT Authentication enables key-less access without requiring internet connectivity. Drivers can authenticate using any combination of biometrics for remote start, lock/unlock, infotainment, navigation and comfort settings.

Secure In-Vehicle Payments

Having secured biometric payments for millions of users, we’ve extended our solution to connected cars. HYPR_Secure vehicle payment technology provides a best-in-class user experience over Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) or near-field communication (NFC).

Ride-Sharing Authentication

We’ve solved the ride-sharing conundrum. HYPR_Secure biometric tokenization is protecting vehicle sharing programs worldwide, allowing riders and drivers to share vehicle access easily and securely.

Meet the HYPR_Car

Just as the use passwords is dying out, so is the age of the car key. Innovative automakers agree that fumbling with your key while walking to your car is over. Your phone is always with you – if not already in hand. Keyless entry is already ubiquitous – now let’s make sure it is secure.

By integrating the multifactor authentication suite into cars, HYPR is enabling automakers to deploy secure virtual keys across the industry for any next-gen vehicle experience.