Secure Biometrics on Android with HYPR & FIDO

Android biometrics were introduced with the fingerprint scanner in the Nexus 6. Google has given a lot of thought to biometric security since the release of Android 5.0. The vast number of Android devices has presented a challenge to anyone trying to keep pace with security solutions.

HYPR uses the advances in Android M to provide secure biometric FIDO UAF authentication for a range of applications. With HYPR, you can now set up a biometric login to any device from any Android client.

Cross-platform Biometric Tokenization

HYPR uses biometric tokenization to safely transmit biometric data such as a fingerprint, to the cloud, using foolproof public key cryptography. HYPR’s security architecture goes beyond the protection of endpoints. There are other solutions that provide biometric authentication but leave holes for exploitation. HYPR coordinates with the Android TrustZone, to secure all data vectors against interception.

HYPR biometric security is fully interoperable across OSX, Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems. This allows you to leverage multiple biometric sensing modalities across multiple devices seamlessly to create a fully password-less authentication experience.